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Lockout Locksmith

We have expert knowledge of all keys and locksout! We have high tech equipment and experience! We are proficient in lock and key replacement

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Emergency Locksmith

Let our emergency locksmith team take care of your lock and key problem for the fastest and safest solution.

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Tired of bulky rings of keys?

Our locksmiths offer up to date solutions. To address your burning questions, scroll down. Get your answers on master key systems and which lock will be best for you! Learn why double cylinder locks are not recommended and how to prevent burglaries.

Is Masterkey a locking system practical?

According to our experts working in Chandler, masterkeying can actually compromise your security if used improperly. Maintaining the system can also be quite a hassle, and it is expensive to set up. Not only that, you will need to rekey each and every lock in the system if you lose the master key. You should only use a Masterkey if the locking system is large and will need selective access.

What are the best locks to use?

Our experts residing in Chandler say that each lock is best used depending on the conditions. For instance, interior storage will only need a simple knob lock, while exterior doors will need a deadbolt lock, preferably one that locks with a key inside and outside. Regardless of the type used, know that it all depends on the situation at hand.

How can I make the perpetrators' lives more difficult?

The first thing you ought to do is to have the door locks replaced regularly. You must also repair them systematically according to our locksmith service. New technologies, extra alarm systems and light motion detectors will surely discourage intruders in Chandler. Most modern systems will be too advanced for their skills.

Why are double cylinder locks not recommended?

Double cylinder dead bolts provide greater security than other security door locks according to our locksmith contractor in Chandler. Though, it will take more time to unlock them and some properties have certain fire regulations, which prohibit them. In times of panic, it will take longer to open the door locks and you can be trapped.

Can I somehow get notified that someone is breaking in?

The truth is that most electronic door locks can be accompanied with a wall panel, which shows you that status of the door and some may also alert you through your smartphones that someone is breaking in from a certain entry point.

Why some file cabinets have high security locks?

File cabinets keep many secrets. They also store important documents, which often belong to the customers of a company. Locksmith Chandler always suggests high security locks for file cabinets but it will also depend on what you keep in there. After all, file cabinet locks are easily replaced if you decide to reinforce their security.

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